The Clinton Private Server Under Attack: Critical Lessons in Data Security

Russia-Linked Hackers Attacking the Clinton Private Server

Clinton’s Private Server Under Attack

The Associated Press just released a statement today on Twitter that Russia-Linked Hackers have put the Clinton Private Server under attack, attempting at least 5 times to breach the server. This adds to the ongoing discussion about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s alleged unlawful actions by operating this email server, potentially exposing Top Secret and Classified Information and putting the United States’ National Security Interests at great risk.

Given the rising threats in the cyber space over the past year – especially from foreign national-backed groups from China and Russia – this new piece of information is hardly a surprise. However, it does tell us something absolutely critical for data security: the hackers exploited a serious, unsecured vulnerability – at least from what we know initially, the Russians served up some malicious email attacks, straight to Clinton’s email – making a serious breach only one click away. Regardless if standard security measures were employed for Clinton’s private server, this news points to something absolutely crucial to the ongoing, rising cybersecurity discussion: threats are continuing to make their way into areas where sensitive data can be easily accessed, tampered with, and stolen – and current solutions are not stopping that.

What does this teach us?

So what can the Clinton Private Server under attack by Russia-linked hackers really teach us about data security? Cybersecurity has been one of the hottest market segments this past year in response to high-profile data breaches in both large private sector organizations and government agencies worldwide. However, none of their solutions will ultimately put an end to the direct issue: the data itself remains unprotected. These vendors offer intelligence, analytics, and ‘containers’ which they use to track and analyze and cocoon the sensitive data – but this approach remains inherently flawed – not to mention incredibly hard to even integrate. The potential hack into Clinton’s private servers as well as all the recent data breaches in the headlines all had one thing in common: security was applied as an afterthought leaving the data itself vulnerable.

The current approach to cybersecurity issues remains inherently flawed, complex and insecure – not to mention incredibly hard to even integrate. 

In order to protect sensitive data properly, the data itself must be protected before persisting to any network, database, or cloud – public or private. This data-centric approach is only possible if application-layer solutions are used, granting security at the point-of-capture so that the sensitive data remains totally protected wherever it may be. Additionally, these solutions need to be easily integrated and flexible with all IT architecture models, working seamlessly with any government’s or organization’s specific needs.

Crypteron’s Security Platform empowers your organization with just that: a developer-friendly application-layer solution that prevents data breaches instantly, saving over a year of development and providing regulatory compliance in minutes. These are the kinds of solutions that are not only the most robust tools to use in this era of data breaches and hacks – but they provide a quick, simple, and powerful platform upon which organizations and businesses can build, expand, and focus on what they do best.

At Crypteron, we make mission-critical security simple.

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The Clinton Private Server Under Attack: Critical Lessons in Data Security

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