Data breach response – One click to save your business

It seems that every week a new company gets hacked losing its sensitive data and customer goodwill. Not to mention lawsuits and fines from regulators. In fact some fines have been in the $100 million range. By now it should be evident to any savvy security professional that the question isn’t IF you’ll be hacked – it’s WHEN you’ll be hacked.

The question isn’t IF you’ll be hacked – it’s WHEN you’ll be hacked.

Crypteron is designed from the ground-up to protect against this new paradigm. Within minutes, Crypteron protects your organization’s data-center application with pervasive encryption enabled by just a couple of lines of code. Crypteron transparently handles all aspects of privacy, tamper protection, secure key distribution, secure key storage, access controls, audit logs, key revocations, key rotations and more. So hackers only see encrypted data. That by itself is incredibly powerful and a giant leap ahead of current secure coding industry practices. However our tireless focus on security and simplicity means we want more for our customers. We want your data breach response to be a single click on the Crypteron dashboard.

Above and beyond

While our customers are rapidly building secure application – focusing on features that make their business unique – we’re constantly innovating on security. We want to showcase some of these innovative features here so you have additional peace of mind if you ever suspect your app has been compromised. All these features are accessible from within the Crypteron Dashboard, if your plan tier supports it.

Pause Your App – one click response

First thing you want to do is pause your app. This will instantly detach your data-center app from the key management servers allowing you to instantly contain and assess the situation. So even if you get that dreaded call at 3am, one click is all you need to instantly neuter the data breach – even a catastrophic one. And when it’s safe, you can also resume instantly.


Refresh Your AppSecret

This will disable your potentially compromised AppSecret and generate a new one to resume services with. Your AppSecret is basically an API Key that links your app to Crypteron’s security platform.


Rollover Your Encryption Keys

Every Security Partition within your App has its own set of encryption keys for securing your data. You can trigger a key rollover on Security Partitions which will generate a new encryption key according to your plan (AES-128 or AES-256). You can even set a migration policy that will instruct your app to move existing encrypted data onto the new encryption key.


Enable your Crypteron firewall (coming soon)

Our premium plan will soon feature an in-built app-firewall to restrict access to the Crypteron Key Management API. We offer the ability to whitelist and blacklist IPv4 as well as IPv6 addresses – be it individual IP addresses or entire IP networks. This gives you extra control on keeping the bad guys out without Pausing your app which helps your business continuity even in times of emergencies.

Get focused

There you have it – it’s that simple and everything is just a click away in the Crypteron dashboard. Crypteron handles all the tedious but vital security infrastructure, allowing you to focus on features that keep your customers happy and makes your business unique.

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