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Crypteron adds military-grade data security to your backend C# and Java applications with just a couple lines of code.



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Military-grade encryption and tamper protection

Your application's sensitive data is automatically signed and secured with AES-GCM encryption. This prevents anyone from viewing or tampering with your data even if your database is breached.

Complete encryption key management

Crypteron stores your encryption keys off-site and protects them with  elliptic curve cryptography. Key distribution, usage and caching are handled automatically. No custom code required!

Developer integrations for ALL data types

Crypteron has C# and Java integrations that are able to secure all types of data, including SQL, NoSQL, objects, files, streams and more.

One-click response to data breaches

Crypteron lets you "pause" your app within our management dashboard. This shuts down all encryption and decryption operations allowing you to assess the scope of a data breach.

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Pricing & Plans FAQ

What is the Community Edition?

We noticed many organizations were ignoring data security during the design phase when budgets are unavailable. So we built the free community edition of Crypteron to allow all developers to start building secure .NET or Java server applications. [Learn More]

The Community Edition uses AES-128. Is that secure?

Absolutely! AES-128 is currently unbreakable. AES-256 is twice as unbreakable. AES-256 is also future proof against advancements in quantum computing which is why the NSA requires it to secure data deemed as "TOP SECRET." If your application is dealing with that level of compliance, you'll need our paid plans for certified production workloads.

What is a security partition?

Segmentation is a key component of robust data security. Crypteron's management dashboard allows you to easily silo your sensitive data into different security partitions each with its own encryption key, set of access control rules, and audit log. You might, for example, create one security partition for billing data and another for medical data.

What is an access control rule?

An access control rule limits how different user roles access data within a security partition. Building off of the previous example, you might create an access control rule that allows users in accounting  to both encrypt and decrypt data within the billing security partition and create another that only allows users in nursing to decrypt data within the medical security partition.

What is an app?

An app refers to the backend / server-side application you are securing with Crypteron. Each app has its own set of security partitions and access control rules. Each app in your account has its own plan for flexibility. Our Enterprise plan allow you to create multiple apps for the price of one, offering significant savings for organizations working on multiple projects or apps having multiple environments (e.g. dev, test and production).

What is a key rotation?

Data security best practices dictate that you should rotate your encryption keys regularly. In the past this was a massive operation. Crypteron makes it simple. You can rotate a security partition's encryption key with one click in the management dashboard. Crypteron manages the keys, access rules and meta-data so that data already encrypted with older keys is fully accessible.

How does billing work?

If you're on the Community Edition, there is NO billing because it's 100% free. For our premium plans, Crypteron charges your credit card every month or every year depending on which option you choose for each app. You can mix and match different plans for different apps on different billing cycles. Enterprise plans should contact us for custom billing.

What do you mean by Extreme 6x redundancy?

First, there are hourly checkpoints spanning the last month with additional longer term backups after that. In addition, customer data (in it's fully encrypted state) is triple replicated across multiple machines and multiple fault zones on the US West coast. This entire setup of multiple machines across multiple fault zones is then actively mirrored thousands of miles away on the US East coast to protect against continental sized catastrophes like earthquakes, fires and other disasters. At the minimum, there are 6 coherent copies of the data for redundancy and fail over. As a reminder, all of the above is fully encrypted in-transit and at-rest.

What does FIPS-140-2 Certified mean?

This stands for  Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 140-2, a US government standard for accrediting cryptographic modules. This certification allows you to use Crypteron on sensitive US government projects.

What hosting options are supported? Firewall requirements?

Anywhere you can run your application! Crypteron is 100% compatible with the public cloud, hybrid cloud, on-premises deployments or even your developer laptop. The only thing you need is connectivity to the internet so the agents can connect to the Crypteron cloud. Connections by the agents to the Crypteron cloud are all outbound over TLS/SSL's port 443 so you don't have to punch holes in your firewall either.

I still have questions!

No problem! We understand that this can seem tricky at first but we promise that it's incredibly easy to set up. Check out this demo video that walks you through securing SQL data in an ASP.NET app in just THREE MINUTES! And of course, please don't hesitate to email us directly or use the chat widget below. We're here to help!

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