Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: For questions regarding compliance and key management, please review of our Compliance FAQ

What SLA does Crypteron provide?

For the Crypteron managed security platform, paid plans have a 99.95% SLA with prorated service credit to customers. Free or trial plans do not have an SLA.

For the enterprise self-hosted plan, the customer organization is responsible for its own SLA.

For more details, view our complete Service Level Agreement.

What kind of encryption is used?

Crypteron secures your data with AES-128 and AES-256 encryption in GCM mode (96bit Tags) for privacy as well as tamper resistance. Encryption keys are themselves encrypted with elliptic curve cryptography at 256, 384 and 521 bits (stronger than RSA 15360-bits) certificate and private key to establish the root of trust (e.g. by security officer).

Where is the code or API documentation for Key Management?

Crypteron handles key management in a manner that is invisible and liberating to developers. With Crypteron, key management happens via the management dashboard GUI. This is by-design so developers can focus on customer delighting features rather than security/infrastructure plumbing. This surprises people used to extensive engineering just to do basic key management. No one liked doing that, so we made it obsolete. Crypteron automatically works when you modify ACLs on encryption keys or rollover encryption keys from the dashboard.

What is the performance cost of CipherDB?

The entire security pipeline of CipherDB adds less than 1 millisecond per record on average. View detailed benchmark results.

What databases are supported?

For automatically encrypting and decrypting structured data, CipherDB supports a wide range of databases.  If your database provider works with Entity Framework or Hibernate / JPA, chances are you can work with CipherDB right away. Please check with this list from Microsoft for the latest support status. Below we have a non-exhaustive representative list:

Objects that are encrypted with CipherObject can be persisted to any data store.

How do you migrate a CipherDB app from AES-128 to AES-256?

If you upgrade from a plan with AES-128 encryption to AES-256 encryption, you will have to issue a key rollover and restart your application. View detailed instructions.

What licenses does Crypteron use?

Crypteron uses several 3rd party licenses under the hood. View the comprehensive list.

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