Data security is hard. Crypteron makes it easy.

Get encryption and key management that integrates in minutes - not months!

CTOs and CISOs

Gain complete control of your data in the public, private and hybrid cloud. One-click data breach response for peace of mind.

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Software Companies

Grow your business with more projects and bigger budgets in healthcare, finance and government. Complete them faster than your competition.

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Add high-end data security to your backend applications in minutes. Freedom from tedious, error-prone code so you can build cool features.

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Trusted by organizations across the globe to deliver millions of keys

"Crypteron is awesome. You guys ranked 1st in our internal vendor bake-off covering the top 20 vendors. It was powerful yet so simple that even our junior developers were immediately productive."

– SVP, Top US Bank *
* private due to bank policies

"We all love that it’s a turn-key solution that maintains our strict security and PCI compliance requirements."

– William Ward, CIO, GivePay Commerce

"Crypteron is the best product for our data security needs!"

– Samuel Butler, CTO, FSoft/Swoosh Finance

Crypteron is a Certified Partner with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services

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CTOs and CISOs secure their organization's data with Crypteron

Every day a company gets hacked. Data breaches are no longer a question of "if" but "when". When your security solutions fail,  attackers will head straight towards your most valuable asset: your data.

Are you protected?

Custom enterprise applications rely on developers to secure sensitive data. Unfortunately, most developers are not security experts and add cryptography to their code incorrectly.

How can you be sure that your organization has succeeded where giants like Target, Citibank and the United Stated Government failed?

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Most data security solutions are too complex, requiring custom APIs or hardware. Others are easy to adopt but are not truly secure. Building your own solution takes over a year writing risky, custom code that you then have to maintain. And relying on a cloud provider ties you to their platform.

Crypteron is the solution

Crypteron is a developer-friendly platform for securing backend applications in the public, private or hybrid cloud. Our patented technology takes care of all aspects of data encryption, tamper protection, key management and audit trails at the application layer regardless of where your data is actually stored. Developer integration takes minutes, transparently securing your applications' data access APIs. You can control your entire security model from a Management Dashboard and REST API - creating multiple security partitions, access control rules and key rotations. You can even shut down key management entirely, giving you a one-click response to data breaches.

Sensitive data never leaves your application in the clear, giving you complete control of your data in any environment.


Software Development Companies grow their business with Crypteron

Healthcare, Finance and Government sectors offer some of the most lucrative contracts for software development agencies, consultants and professional service firms. However, clients in these industries have the strictest level of compliance requirements including HIPAA and HITECHPCI, CJIS, FISMA and EU Data Protection.

Building a backend application that satisfies these regulatory compliance rules and protects the sensitive data of your client is a massive challenge for any vendor. Many firms don't even bother bidding on these projects in order to avoid the legal risk of getting the data security component wrong.

Crypteron is the solution

Crypteron takes care of the entire data security pipeline in minutes instead of months, including regulatory compliance. It's like adding a dedicated security engineering team to your staff at a fraction of the cost.

securedbycrypteronIt takes minutes to add Crypteron to your projects so you can outbid the competition on both timeline and price. Tell your clients that their data is protected with 256 bit AES-GCM encryption and tamper protection, with multiple encryption keys. The keys themselves are also encrypted, stored remotely and rotated regularly via a key management system that can be locked down at a moment's notice in the event of a data breach. Did we mention that they get an audit trail as well?

You can even use the "Secured By Crypteron" badge from our press kit to let your customers know that you take security and compliance very seriously.

Developers innovate securely with Crypteron

Crypteron was built by developers, for developers. Our SDKs are on NuGet and Maven and take minutes to integrate with your .NET and Java applications.

We realize that most developers aren't security experts so Crypteron is designed to be a set-and-forget-solution that transparently handles the entire data security pipeline - including complex key management tasks.

We even have a Community Edition that is 100% free! So what are you waiting for?

Just a couple of lines of code instantly enable:

  • One-click response to data breaches
  • Strong Encryption
  • Tamper Protection
  • API-less Key Management
  • Secure Key Storage and Distribution
  • Key Caching
  • Access Control
  • Audit Logs
  • Key Revocations
  • Key Rotations
  • Secures all data types (SQL, NoSQL, Objects, Files, Streams etc.)

How does it work?

.NET Example

Add a [Secure] attribute to any properties of your class that you want to sign and encrypt:

public class Patient
    public int Id {get; set;}
    public string FullName {get; set;}
    public string SocialSecurityNumber {get; set;}

If you're using Microsoft Entity Framework or NHibernate then you're done! Crypteron will automatically sign and encrypt these properties using AES-GCM before your object is persisted to the database. It will then decrypt and verify that they weren't tampered with on the way back. It could not be any easier.

Not using Entity Framework or NHibernate? No problem! Just call Seal() on your object before sending it to the data store of your choice and call Unseal() when you fetch it back:

// Secure the object before sending
// Decrypt and verify the object after fetching

What about files or file streams? No problem!

var cipherStor = new CipherStorExt();
// Files
cipherStor.EncryptLocalFile(clearFilePath, encryptedFilePath);
cipherStor.DecryptLocalFile(encryptedFilePath, clearFilePath);
// Streams
cipherStor.EncryptStream(clearInputStream, encryptedOutputStream);
cipherStor.DecryptStream(encryptedOutputStream, clearInputStream);
Java Example

What about the encryption keys?

Good question! Proper key management is one of the most complicated part of strong data security and Crypteron takes care of this transparently so you can spend that extra time adding features to your application.

  • Encryption keys are multi-layered encrypted with AES256 and elliptic curve cryptography
  • Encrypted keys are stored remotely, separate from your application or your databases
  • The SDK authenticates the key management service using strong cryptography
  • Keys are securely delivered to the SDK through multi-layered encryption
  • Keys are intelligently cached to maximize performance
  • Keys can be rotated with a single click
  • The SDK optionally migrates data to new key versions automatically and deterministically

Control your security model with the Management Dashboard and REST API

Use the Management Dashboard and REST API to register a new application and divide its data into security partitions, each with its own encryption key hierarchy and set of access control rules. The Management Dashboard also lets you issue a key rotation for a security partition with a single click. In the event of a data breach, you can pause your app which suspends all key management operations.

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