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Don’t let your organization become the next data breach headline. Build secure applications in the public cloud that are fully compliant with HIPAA, PCI, CJIS and more. Add our .NET or Java SDK to your app in minutes and save months of development time.

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Headlines about data breaches at high-profile companies have become more prevalent. Cities want to know what we do to keep their citizens’ information secure. Crypteron makes security a non-issue with the ability to ensure all data is encrypted at the application level.

Anthony Formhals President and CEO Ten8Tech.

Why CTOs and Software Architects Love Crypteron

Traditional Security Model

Prevent Data Breaches with a reduced trust footprint

Crypteron Security Model

Prevent Data Breaches with a reduced trust footprint

As a CTO or Software Architect, you’re increasingly pressured to take advantage of the public cloud when deploying backend applications. At the same time, those applications are expected to be regulatory compliant and resilient to data breaches. That process is very expensive, time consuming and, as recent headlines have shown, ineffective. The average cost of a data breach to an organization is $5.4 million and rising. Crypteron secures applications in the public cloud and protects your organization from becoming the next data breach headline.

Crypteron reduces the circle of trust of your cloud deployment. In the traditional security model, shown above on the left, you’re required to trust all of the underlying systems that power your app. If any one system is compromised, it can compromise the security and privacy of the entire application and its sensitive data. In addition, infrastructure is often managed by multiple organizations making audits and compliance a nightmare and true security impossible.

In the Crypteron Security Model, shown on the right, only the application is trusted. All other infrastructure and administrators are outside the circle of trust. You can rest easy, safely relying on concrete, modern cryptography to protect the privacy of your data. All of this is done with a few lines of code that connect your app to our platform. No hardware or infrastructure changes are necessary and no data is ever shared.

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Our technology is compatible will ALL major cloud providers including Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace and more.


Our customers range in size from small startups to large Fortune 500 companies and we service customers in a host of industries including financial, healthcare, eCommerce and government.

Why Developers Love Crypteron

Adding regulatory compliant encryption to your .NET or Java application is difficult. What type of encryption should you use? When should the encryption and decryption take place? How do you handle structured versus unstructured data? How can you be sure your solution is HIPAA, PCI or CJIS compliant? Where should you store your encryption keys? How do you verify that encrypted data wasn’t tampered with? What about key rotation, multiple security partitions, access control rules, audits and migrating from one encryption key to another? How do you find the time to focus on any of this when you have your own deadlines to worry about?

The fact is most developers are not security experts. But that’s okay, because Crypteron has you covered. Our security platform takes care of all these complexities so you can focus on what you do best: building your application. The process is simple and transparent. You can add our SDKs to your C# or Java application in minutes and save months of development time.

For structured data stored in a SQL database, our product CipherDB integrates directly with Microsoft Entity Framework, NHibernate, and Java Persistence API (JPA / Hibernate). Simply add the [Secure] attribute (.NET) or @Secure annotation (Java) above your sensitive class properties. CipherDB will automatically encrypt these properties before they’re written to the database and decrypt them on the way back.

For data stored in a NoSQL database, our product CipherObject uses the same [Secure] attribute for sensitive class properties. Simply call Seal() on the entire object before writing it to a datastore such as MongoDB, Cassandra or Redis and then call Unseal() when loading it back.

For unstructured data such as files and file streams, our product CipherStor makes encryption and decryption easy. Encrypted files can be stored in any cloud storage provider such Amazon S3 or Azure Blob Storage. If you’re using Azure Blob Storage, CipherStor will also take care of uploading, downloading and compressing your files.

All our products use Crypteron’s security platform. This handles Key Management, Security Partitions, Access Control Rules, Key Rotation, Auditing and more and has an easy-to-use dashboard. The encryption keys are stored remotely and encrypted with elliptical curve cryptography for maximum security. We never have any access to your actual data. What’s not to love?

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