4.6 million reasons to rethink Cybersecurity: Scottrade gets hacked

Scottrade Gets Hacked

Scottrade Gets Hacked

Scottrade announced today that they have been the victim of a data breach, exposing 4.6 million customer records. Initial reports indicate that these records include personal contact information, and possibly Social Security numbers. This data breach immediately follows another major hack at Experian, which compromised the data of 15 million T-Mobile customers.

What has become overwhelmingly clear – especially over the past few months – are two major things:

  1. No organization is safe – everyone is under the cross-hairs of malicious attackers.
  2. These data breaches will continue happening – both with greater force and higher severity – unless something is fundamentally changed today with regards to cybersecurity.

These breaches have affected nearly all major industries and governments, continuously putting sensitive data in the hands of malicious individuals, many of them state-sponsored hackers. As Scottrade gets hacked today, many others will be hacked tomorrow. Yet, despite these alarming facts, organizations are still unsure how to react. The hackers are winning.

Therefore, in order for any organization to stay ahead of the game and avoid being the next data breach headline, they must understand the following: current cybersecurity solutions do not work. Not only are they incredibly difficult to integrate into a dynamic, evolving cloud and IT environment, but they are fundamentally flawed. They attempt to apply security as an afterthought, adding ‘containers’ around the sensitive data instead of protecting the data itself. Ultimately, this approach is what allows hackers to intrude into an organization’s networks and databases and steal or tamper with sensitive data. In a world driven by data, these hacks threaten the very survival of any organization.

Data-Centric, Cloud-First Security

In order to address these critical issues in dealing with cybersecurity, organizations must employ solutions that use a data-centric, cloud-first approach. Not only will these solutions bring them the protection where it matters, but they will also allow them to integrate it across whatever dynamic IT or cloud environment they currently use. A proactive approach to cybersecurity is only achievable through data-centric protection at the application level, since it mitigates the risks from day one.

Fortunately, Crypteron has developed a Security Platform which allows businesses to be secured in minutes with the most high-end and robust security technology, applying military-grade protection at the application level. This developer-friendly solution provides mission-critical security to the data itself – before it is sent off to any network, database, cloud, or IT environment. As a result, no person or machine outside the tight circle of trust of the customer themselves has access to the data at all. What’s more: over a year of development time is saved, achieving regulatory compliance in an instant.

In short, this solution would have prevented this Scottrade breach, the Experian breach, and virtually all recent hacks worldwide – including the large-scale hack of the Office of Personnel Management of the U.S. Government.

Solutions like Crypteron’s Security Platform are not only the most robust tools to use in this era of data breaches and hacks – but they provide a quick, simple, and powerful platform upon which organizations and businesses can build, expand, and focus on what they do best. At Crypteron, we make mission-critical security simple.

Don’t Gamble on Your Security. Don’t be the next Data Breach Headline.

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4.6 million reasons to rethink Cybersecurity: Scottrade gets hacked

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