Seamless, Robust Security in Microsoft Azure

 Crypteron lets you take full advantage of Azure by making high-end data-security a non-issue

Microsoft Azure
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Mission-Critical Security Made Easy.

Robust security in a few lines of code.

Crypteron's security platform integrates directly with any .NET, Java, or Scala application, providing military-grade protection in a matter of minutes.

Simply add our SDK to your application via NuGet or Maven and a [Secure] attribute (.NET) or a @Secure annotation (Java and Scala) above any sensitive class property. That's it! Phone numbers, social security numbers, credit numbers and more are all secured automatically. 


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What do a few lines of code give you?

  • Resilience to data breaches
  • Save 12+ months of development time
  • Eliminate risky, custom code
  • Regulatory compliance in the cloud (HIPAA, PCI, etc)
  • Military-grade AES-256 (GCM) encryption
  • Key management, tamper protection, auditing, ACL, etc
  • Works with ALL data stores including SQL, NoSQL, files, queues, even encrypted JSON / REST endpoints

....and much more!

Real Customer Quotes

“Crypteron makes security a non-issue.”

“You cannot make it any easier!”

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