Greater Cybersecurity

ComplianceCrypteron technologies allow .NET or Mono applications- including desktop, mobile, web or intranet applications- to create storage-based virtual private clouds within public data centers. By applying strong, military grade encryption to secure both structured data (SQL) as well as unstructured data (Blob storage) using the same, consistent security practices and key management policies, CipherDB and CipherStor enable your organization to migrate applications and databases into the cloud while still meeting or exceeding your organizational security policies or even third party compliance requirements such as HIPAA or PCI. You no longer have to choose between security and cloud flexibility. Simplify your cloud migrations with Crypteron!

Additional Benefits

  1. Bring strong encryption and solid key management to databases that don’t support either
  2. A stateless, self-scaling security architecture with negligible performance impact.
  3. Encrypted data, encryption keys (also encrypted) and applications are all loosely coupled. You are free to deploy each anywhere you wish as long as they are connected via TCP/IP. An example permutation is: On-premise keys with public cloud application and (encrypted) data. Pick a topology that satisfies your organization’s policy!
  4. Encrypt your unstructured data in Blob storage using the same key management system for a consistent security policy with CipherStor.
  5. Enables live migration of data from older encryption keys to newer encryption keys with no database downtime whatsoever. Such live encryption migration is vital when demanding key rotations on a live production database.
  6. Works with a wide range of backend databases, including Azure SQL, SQL Server, Amazon RDS, MySQL and many more (compatibility determined by Microsoft Entity Framework and nHibernate)
  7. No retraining. Reuse your existing skills. CipherDB intentionally follows existing Microsoft API patterns. In fact, the CipherDB API is identical to Entity Framework’s API (including using stored procedures, views etc) with API extensions only where absolutely required (eg. encryption key reloading). We work hard to shield your applications from unnecessary complexities. Be productive on day one, with no integration risks.
  8. Integration is just a few lines of code. Integration is simple because CipherDB understands the existing Entity Framework API your application uses everywhere else and directly plugs into it – no code changes anywhere else! Data encryption, data authentication, key-management (including key rotations) transparently happens behind the scenes. We have a detailed developer’s guide as well as several demonstration projects as examples.
  9. No gateways! With no single point of failure, no additional maintenance efforts or scaling expenses typically found in gateway solutions, CipherDB keeps the application performance predictable and costs manageable. Plus unlike certain Gateway solutions, CipherDB cannot keep your data hostage because every aspect of the system is fully under your control. You applications directly access
  10. Faster, cheaper audits and compliance. Only your authorized applications see the real decrypted data Other than the working memory of your application, the data is encrypted everywhere else. This makes audits and compliance not just faster – but also cheaper!

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