Instant proof-of-concept

Security firms talk much about their own products but few will let you try them out extensively. Crypteron is different. Our customers typically complete a successful proof-of-concept (PoC) in about 15 minutes. Basically, you or anyone else from your team can simply download PoC and be up and running in your environment in minutes!

Why waste months of resource planning and burning your budget on a pilot that may ultimately not work for you? You’ll find Crypteron pleasantly refreshing.

So, let get started!

1. Signup

Signup for a free Crypteron account and follow our signup wizard. Pick the enterprise trial plan for now to get your AppSecret – a glorified API key. That’s it – the documentation in the next step tells you where to put the AppSecret.

Sign Up For Free

So, complete step 1 right now above ☝️. Just your work email is enough to create an account and log you into your Crypteron dashboard.

2. Download the proof of concept

Our proof-of-concepts are freely available on GitHub for you to download and try out. Depending on your technology stack, you can choose between our .NET or C# PoC (link) or Java PoC (link). The GitHub repositories come with documentation built-in.

3. Be a hero

Step 3 is just where your team considers you a genius. With your trial successful, we can discuss transitioning you to a commercial plan that best support the needs of your business.

If you have advanced scenarios, contact us and we’ll tackle those challenges together. You’ll see that we’re not just another security vendor – we’re a committed partner helping you solve security challenges.

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